Every good idea begins with a spark. Democracy reform leaders from across America took to the stage at Unrig to share inspiration and insights from their bold work making change.

Moving America Forward

Aditi Joshi – Visiting Fellow, Yale Law School

Democracy Vouchers: The New Approach to Public Financing

Alissa Haslam – Executive Director, Win/Win

Innovating the Voting Experience

Amber McReynolds – Director of Elections, City and County of Denver

Faith, Art, and Finding the Universal in the Specific

Anna Jane Joyner – Co-Host, No Place Like Home Podcast

Outside Influence in the States

Anthony Johnstone – Professor of Law, University of Montana School of Law

Making Grassroots Change Happen in the World’s Largest Democracy

Aprajita Pandey – Network Builder + Community Connector, Mobilisation Lab

Redistricting Reform in Louisiana: A Unique Challenge

Brandon Faske & Stephen Kearny – Co-founders, Fair Districts Louisiana

The State of American Democracy – A National Conversation

Brenna Simmons-St. Onge – Director of Programs, The Alliance Center

Challenging the Duopoly, Together

Chad Peace – President, IVC Media; Attorney, Independent Voter Project


Unapologetic Youth Leadership: The Key To Our Freedom

Christin “Cici” Battle – Director, Young People For

California Solved Partisan Gerrymandering!

Cynthia Dai, Jodie Filkins-Webber & Michelle Diguilio – Commissioners, California Citizens Redistricting Commission

Truth in Labeling

Daniel Newman – President & Co-Founder, MapLight

Undue Influence: Legalized Corruption Beyond Elections

Danielle Brian – Executive Director, Project On Government Oversight

Breaking Free

Debilyn Molineaux – Co-Director, Bridge Alliance

Housing: New Jim Crow is the New Red Line

Dolfinette Martin – Statewide Organizer, VOTE New Orleans

Money In Politics & Racial Equity

Emmanuel Caicedo – Senior Campaign Strategist, Demos

The Democracy Movement and Dignity

Frances Moore Lappé – Principal at Small Planet Institute, Author

The Way We Tell the Stories We Tell

Ginna Green – Managing Director, Democracy Collaborative at ReThink Media

The State of Money in Politics

Greg Schneider – Information Systems Director, National Institute of Money in Politics

Engaging the Youth: Getting Young People to Vote

Ivy Bryan – Artist Representative, HeadCount

More Voices, More Choices for Our Elections

Jennifer Pae – Director, FairVote California

Time to Abolish the Wealth Primary: The Newest Barrier to the Right to Vote

John Bonifaz – Co-Founder and President, Free Speech For People

Ways to Drain the Swamp – A Common Sense Solution

John Pudner – Executive Director, Take Back Our Republic

Gerrymandering Our Environment

Jon Fox – Senior Democracy Campaigner, Friends of the Earth

Vote Yes: How Everyday Americans Are Taking Back Our Elections

Joshua Douglas – Associate Professor, University of Kentucky College of Law

United by Our Dissatisfaction

Lawrence Lessig – Professor of Law, Harvard Law School; Founder, Equal Citizens

No Dark Money: New York City’s Response to Citizens United

Matt Sollars – Director of Public Relations, NYC Campaign Finance Board

Black Women and Political Organizing

Nia Weeks – Director of Policy and Advocacy, Women With A Vision

Overcoming the Mischiefs of Faction

Nick Troiano – Executive Director, Unite America

Vote at Home and Save Our Democracy

Phil Keisling – Former Oregon Secretary of State

We Must Drain the Swamp Ourselves

Rob Schaaf – Missouri State Senator (R)

The Truth About the Boston Tea Party, Business, & Political Reform

Sarah Bonk – Co-Founder, DisruptDC

The Future is Here

Shaneice Simmons – Civic Engagement Manager, Rock the Vote

New Hope for Democracy Reform: The Millennial Generation

Steven Olikara – President, Millennial Action Project

CLC- Advancing Democracy through Law

Tara Malloy – Senior Director of Appellate Litigation & Strategy, Campaign Legal Center

Vote Local

Tiana Epps-Johnson– Founder and Executive Director, Center for Technology & Civic Life

Our Democracy: Main Street, Not Wall Street

Wendy Fields – Executive Director of the Democracy Initiative

Liberation as the Center of Organizing

Westley Bayas III – Civic & Community Engagement Principal, Magnolia Strategies

This Isn’t Your Grandfather’s Corruption

Zoe Reiter – Acting Representative to US and Senior Project Leader, Transparency International